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  • The new EU Commissioners © European Commission

    Juncker's team gets the thumbs up

    23.10.2014 Jean-Claude Juncker can breathe a sigh of relief as MEPs voted “yes” by a large majority to his team of European Union Commissioners. Previous to the vote, Juncker had shifted the EMA back to the health commissioner in response to protests.

    Juncker’s proposed Commissioners began presenting themselves and their proposals to MEPs on 29 September. Members of Parliament subjected the Commissioners to cross-examination during the hearings, which ran until 7 October.

    After some objections from MEPS, Juncker was obliged to reorganise some appointments in his committee.

    Back in September, after announcing his team of Commissioners, the president elect faced criticism when members of Parliament and NGOs attacked his decision to move the control of medicines and pharmaceutical products to the Industry Commissioner.

    As a result of ongoing pressure from MEPs and NGOs, Juncker has since retracted his proposal and now the responsibility will stay in the hands of the Health Commissioner.

    In response to Juncker’s revised health proposal, Emmanuel Foulon, spokesperson for the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) MEP, said, “Lawmaking, when it comes to pharma issues in Europe, must be put in the right hands. After all, consumers’ health is a right, not a commodity.” 

    The 28-strong team, with a Commissioner from each EU Member State, has promised to devise a €300bn programme to help kick-start the languishing EU economy.  

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